Stu-stu-STUDIO! (Part 1) – Studio Apartment Makeover, Upper West Side, NY

Dingy to Dang! – Living Room makeover, Upper East Side, NY

Design Re-do – Meditation Studio Logo, 14th Street, NY

Master Sweet – Master Bedroom makeover, Howell, Michigan

Mural, Mural on the Wall – Louro Restaurant, West Village, NY (Under the direction of Zach Bliss,

Etch-a-Sketch-ish – Louro Restaurant, West Village, NY (Under the direction of Zach Bliss,

Watercolor Wall – Louro Restaurant, West Village, NY (Under the direction of Zach Bliss,

Me, an Artist? – Louro Restaurant, West Village, NY (Under the direction of Zach Bliss,

* To check out some great shots of the finished restaurant head to Zach’s website, here: *

*And to read the NY Time review with photos!:

Hear what people are saying!

“It was simply amazing what Andrea was able to do with what seemed like a dead space. Using nothing more than a coat of paint, some fabric and a rearrangement of what I already had, she essentially gave me a new apartment! The room in question, the living room, went from being nothing more than a storage space to the most appealing room in the apartment. She can re-think an apartment in a way that draws out it’s advantages while hiding its draw backs (which is key in Manhattan!) and maximize what you have in an imaginative way!”       ~Phil Mills (Dingy to Dang!)

“Andrea’s attention to detail and amazing eye really made my studio and my logo pop! I highly recommend her work!”       ~Ziva Mediation (Design Re-do)

“Andrea is an incredible designer as well as being super thrifty. If you want your place to look quintessentially New Yorkey without spending a fortune Andrea is your gal. She also found the perfect blend between our two styles- she turned an apartment into our home. It truly feels like OUR space now. Watch out. Andrea is going far!”    ~Kristen Parker (Stu-stu-STUDIO! (Part 2))

“Andy is awesome. She was the perfect choice to help us make our apartment our own, and on a budget! She’s great at seeing what you have already and working with that. She’s also great at listening to what you want to do, and offering suggestions within a price range, as well as any possible alternatives.  I just moved in with my girlfriend, and we live in a studio with a cat.  Andy helped us get rid of stuff we didn’t need while combining each of our aesthetics. It made the apartment not hers or mine, but ours. She even weighed in on what would make our cat, Romeo, happy.  She’s reasonable, helpful, chill, and talented. We were in good hands with Andy, and can highly recommend her to anyone– especially if they’re designing on a budget.”   ~Kyle Schaefer (Stu-stu-STUDIO! (Part 3))



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