Facet-nating Home


Ok, ok, so I guess I really needed a break because it has taken me FOREVER to get this online!  But, with my brief winter class session over and a weekend to spare before we roll into the Spring Semester, I think it is finally time to share my Duplex design project!  This is an existing building at 42 Walker Street in Tribecca, NY.

Basic overview of requirements:

1.) Truly unique client profile (4 person ‘family’, one in wheelchair)

2.) Unique stairwell element, to tie together two seperate floors of Duplex

3.) Design a wallpaper and partition panel (with Model)

4.) ADA accessible for all (2) floors of Duplex/aging in place

Client Profile Infographic, as found on my final presetnation board:

Nora (grandmother): suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s

Rae (Mother’s Girlfriend): Wheelchair bound

Sam (Son, formerly Samantha): Currently in Transition

Sera (Sam’s Mother): Recovering Alchoholic


Concept Statement:

“Labels are a convenient way to isolate each other in society.  We pigeon-hole eachother’s personalities, compartmentalize our worth and therefore diminish all we are capable of.  But we are all multi-faceted individuals, and we deserve more than that.  I am not my gender.  I am not my sexuality.  I am not my disability.  I am not my disease.”

The idea of shifting planes, uncertain footing and fragmented earth were intriguing.  I centered my design concept around the prismatic nature of an iceberg.  Not only are they constantly changing elementally from ice to fluid water, but 90% or their mass can be found beneath the surface, much like my clients.

(I have broken up my presentation board for a closeup look, forgive the choppy effect…)

Floor plans:




Whole view!


My stairwell element was inspired by something my Dad created when I was a kid, a

LightOrgan that displayed colorful images when our stereo was playing, as you can see here!

Preliminary view:

LED Panel sketch


My wallpaper design, which would have a metallic gold effect against the navy background in real life!


And my wall panel, set on a ceiling mounted track, seperates the kitchen from the dining room when entertaining:


Preliminary View:


Duplex_screens closed



Model Progress pics:

I had the screen lazer cut and glue the rpism pieces individually to create the desired 3-D effect.  It wasn’t perfect, but I think you get the idea…

I spray painted my model gold because in real life wit would be made or Brass!

Some Lighting Elements:


Some Fabrics and Finishes:

Music Atrium, found on second floor, adjacent stairwell:


Master bedroom, Day and Night View:



And the Dining Room, with LightOrgan in background!


Well, thats my Duplex!  Hope you liked it, now onto the next chapter in the crazy pursuit for a second career!



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