Limestone Lodge

View From Front FINAL

Second project of the semester down!  Here it is folks, the Limestone Lodge!

Our objective was to find an abandoned industrial shell to convert into a hotel room for a couple, one of those persons being wheelchair bound.  Examples of past shells include phonebooths, airplanes, and even fire escapes.

Here was my proposal of three options for my shell choice:

Container Proposal

Having been to Kentucky on a number of occasions, which last time included a trip through the Bourbon Trail, I was very interested in adapting a large copper distiller for habitable use, so when I got the green light I started designing!

We were instructed to use as many shells of our type to achieve the square footage of a hotel suite as needed, but no more than was required.

At first I had alot of trouble stacking, mixing and creating a wall structure based on my distiller’s shape, without having to then fix an obscene number of gaps.  Then came the roof structure, and a few days before it was due I was told my idea would not hold up to the requirements of the space, being that my roof had support trusses and a new structure not based on my distillers…so back the drawing board.


I remedied the problem by using the ‘gooseneck’ portion on the 550 gallon copper version and split them in two lengthwise, welding them together in alarge scallop design, and aging them chemically to produce the acid green color I wanted!  Plus it forced me to lower the vaulted ceiling and poke all piping out of the roof, creating 6 little chimneys, and I closed the whole structure with a beautiful skylight!  More light is always a plus!

Here is my final presentation of the space!
Limestone Lodge

Limestone Lodge2

Limestone Lodge3

Limestone Lodge4

Limestone Lodge5

Limestone Lodge6

Think you’d consider staying here?

Let me know!  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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