Hey all!  My first big project of the semester is complete and I wanted to share it with you!  Studio V at FIT takes us back to a residential setting where we are mainly focusing on ADA requirements, which allows for unlimited accessibility.  Floor Plan

We are given the empty floor plan for a fictitious house in Northfork, Long Island.

Site Plan

We were required to have one of our clients wheelchair bound.  Other than that we were left with few restrictions other than maintaining the overall square footage of the space, which was a once level ranch with existing trusses that could not be removed.

Client Profile

I wanted my space to feel young and fresh, so I created a client profile to reflect that.  I had fun, if you can say that without sounding insensitive, deciding how my client had become handicapped, but still remain full of vigor and life!  See it?…professional surfers beware…

Here are some inspiration images for my space from the initial design stages.Mood board

I put together a mini proposal of how I wanted the space to feel…


Lots of light play here, with the concept that there must be darkness for there to be light, and the desire to create a space that made you feel like you were outside when you were actually in and visa versa.  Lets see how I did!

Floor Plan upated - Floor Plan - Foundation

Here are some working images of the space, including 3-D exploded views and sectional perspectives…

Sectional PerspectiveFINAL3D ExplosionColor

Keeping the same basic footprint I was able to manipulate the existing enclosed porch to be an open viewing area for the ocean-side retreat, while adding that square footage onto the back of the house for a partially enclosed reading/yoga/relaxation area.  Here are some initial renderings of the outside space!


The lights in my view are not meant to be one, but you get the idea!  Here’s the back patio…

LightHAUS.rvt_2015-Oct-03_02-08-57PM-000_3D_View_6 (1)

As for the exterior, that’s where the majority of my concept comes in to play, using elevated ceilings, new curtain/clerestory/dormer windows and a custom ‘dappled’ roofing system designed by yours truly!

LightHAUS.rvt_2015-Oct-05_01-42-11AM-000_Exterior roof detail


Let’s take a look inside…




Living Room



Check out my entire presentation board which at full size is 72″x 80″!

lightHAUS lightHAUS2


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