Quilting for Cuties!


The great baby boom is back!  It is INSANE how many women I know are having babies this year.  I swear every time I turn around there’s another happy announcement!  All these new little ones can make a MIY Maven, like myself, feel a bit frazzled when we want to create something special for each and every one of them!

Not to fear!  I have designed a super easy way to not only use all your remnant fabric, but make an heirloom worthy gift for anyone on your ‘give’ list, new baby or not!


What you’ll Need:

Fabric remnants (you will be making 96 squares)

Thread to match

1 1/2″ wide ribbon (19ft worth)

1/2″ thick batting (1.5 yds)

Soft backing, such as flannel or fleece

I have to start the tutorial by saying that I made so many of these that the progress photos are all here, but I may have been working on a different quilt each time!  They go so fast I just didn’t document one single quilt from beginning to end!  Forgive me…

1. Gather a nice selection of remnant fabrics to match your color scheme, and go nuts with texture!

IMG_20140716_152745_206 2. Use a square template, like this 4×4″ stone sample I had lying around, to mark all your fabric to cut


3. Once all your pieces are cut, mark out the diagonal to cut once more!


4. Now the fun begins!  Pair up different styles and textures to straight pin and sew, making new squares!


5. Sew all pieces to create a mountain of squares that you can then line up and start to get a feel as to how the quilt will lay!



Note: *With a 4×4 template, like the one I used, an 8×12 square quilt is the perfect size for a crib blanket (36″x52″)!

6. Once you have your layout set (note how the diamond patterns line up from row to row) sew the squares together, then the lines to one another, and your quilt should start taking shape!



7. Next straight pin your batting to the topper, cut to size and sew around the edge


8. Next, take your soft backing and repeat step 7 against the batting.


Note: Make sure your backing is well placed and flat, so as to keep the fabric from buckling and creasing during the quilting process


9. Come up with a stich pattern for the backing that works for you.  Could be lines or diagonals…


10. Next and final step, the ribbon!  First, it’s easiest when you’ve bought two spools to just unravel each and sew them together on one edge, but either way sew whatever you have in this manner


Then pin around the edge with the intent of sewing the back side of the quilt first, to avoid unsightly stitches on the front side later…repeat on the front side!


And that’s it!  I ended up making 4 of these lovelies, three for babies and one for a special auntie (with variations) 🙂

1911694_10102596592819092_4212862938255039076_n[2] IMG953039

Baby soon to be added!



I hope you have fun making your own versions!

More Maven to come soon!


Made another one for a lovely little babe in Minnesota.  It get’s cold there!

20141214_165057 20141214_165202


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