SLAB – Restaurant Design


Well, well, well…long time no see!  I know its been ages, but I have good excuses for not posting in FOREVER!

Life has had many changes in store for me and my family, but with a renewed sense of inspiration I am prepared (finally!) to share with you my final project for my AAS degree at FIT!

I give you SLAB, a fictitious midtown Manhattan restaurant I designed which serves up decadent combinations of succulent meats and desserts.  Ooh la la!

The overall design was based on a faux collaboration between French film maker Jean-Pierre Jeunet and famed guitarist of Black Sabbath Tony Iommi.

Lamp & Restaurant

Here is my basic layout from front to back…

Revit Bar View

Revit Dining Rm

As per our instructions, we were required to incorporate our lamp design, or some version of it, into the space…


I went with several versions, to really make the place pop!

Final View BAR

Bar View

Large wall partition and custom made wall sconces that really light the place up!

Final View DINING

Dining Room View


Bathroom View


Section View

And my overall board for presentation!


I was very pleased with this final project, even though by the end I was running out of steam a bit.

I was able to earn my AAS in Interior Design from FIT with summa cum laude honors!


Not too shabby for spending the last 4 months of my degree newly pregnant…SURPRISE!

Baby DIY posts to begin shortly!


3 thoughts on “SLAB – Restaurant Design

  1. Girl, that is cool…but I gotta ask, how the heck did you settle on Tony?! I get Jean-Pierre Jeunet (cool mix, btw)…but I never figured you for a Black Sabbath type! Where has this side of you been hiding all these bloody years?!

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