Searching for Ozma

movie posterNO SKETCHES

My Movie Poster to partner my lamp ūüėČ

Alright folks, my latest project is complete and was also a complete success!

This assignment had me creating a lamp from scratch, wiring and all, by myself!

We were provided a popular film director as our inspiration, had to research their entire body of work and then create a functioning table lamp based on that body of work.¬†¬† My director¬†is Jean Pierre Jeunet, famed creator of such films and Amelie, Delicatessen, City of Lost Children among others.¬† His style is very saturated and vivid while integrating architectural elements and back-flashes of story lines, creating a flipbook quality film.¬† I love his work ūüôā

So, here are some of my initial ideas using a collage I put together as inspiration…


some sketches…



I was sold on using industrial black iron piping as the base, and I had some plexiglass lying around, but I wanted to paint it green, very turn of the century quality Tiffany, with a modern twist.¬† This led me the idea of Jean Pierre Jeunet reimagining some of the¬†characters of one of my favorite stories, The Wizard of Oz… mainly Ozma.¬† This development made me so happy, and took me back to my childhood watching Return to Oz…so exciting!


So I got some tools and started to work!

Using a plexiglass cutter and Marth Stewarts glass paint in Transparent Fill Sweetgrass green I painted about 100 little pieces to later be soldered together ala Tiffany


Next I used a 1/4″ copper tape to line each piece and solder them together, creating the shapes as I went…


Now, the first time I wired my lamp and turned it on I MIGHT have blown a circuit…so I called my trusty¬†mad scientist¬†papa and he set me straight.¬† So after a quick rewire I was ready to go!

Here are the final architectural sketches!


and now for the great reveal!


It’s alive!


2 thoughts on “Searching for Ozma

  1. Andrea,
    That lamp is truly a brilliant piece of craftsmanship (craftswoman-ship?)
    The stained plexiglas look and the copper tape may actually be a new idea.

    Have you seen anyone use the cooper tape that way before on plexi?

    It makes the light look like it could have been in a Star trek movie!
    Beautiful video. I would not be surprised if you were contacted by movie types to design props after this one.


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