LOVE146 – Life Reclaimed


Welcome back everyone!!!

Mere moments ago I finished a presentation for a project that has consumed my heart, mind and soul for the past few months and I want to share it with you!   My objective was to design and renovate  a 4-story office space for a real life  non-profit in lower Manhattan.

emigrant bank

We were all  provided a few basic specs and site plan information, but ultimately we had to build the whole thing from the ground up, in computer-land that is 🙂

For my non-profit organization I chose the extremely brave, hardworking and fearless people at LOVE146 who’s mission it is to abolish child slavery and sex trafficking.  Heavy stuff, I know, but the amazing people behind this organization truly believe in emphasizing the hope and joy all around us, even in an imperfect world.  I encourage you to visit their website, to learn all about who they are and what they do!


Here is a collage I worked out of how I initially wanted the space to feel…


Which led to the creation of this sketch, which is the shape of my stairs, spiraling upward.  Sort of a combination of controlled chaos, as I felt this organization faces incredible adversity in their work.


Then inspiration struck and I envisioned a huge core, a beacon of hope, jutting out of the top of the building, connecting all the floors together in one continuous glow of colored glass.


sketch2_2sketch2_2 - Copy

Which led me to my concept: Life Reclaimed

I wanted to emphasize the nature of the work of LOVE146, which focuses on giving these kids a second chance, by in turn finding new uses for the piles of refuse and construction materials throughout Manhattan.


Old bricks will cover the new rooftop garden grounds, where volunteers will be trained in agriculture for use as therapy and skill building while working in the rehabilitation centers for the children.   The 2×4 wood slabs from scaffolding projects will become the flooring throughout the space, while the black-iron pipes will be used to create shelving units on all floors.  Forgotten pallets will be repurposed as the new grand staircase, keeping all the funky colors in tact, and others will be broken down to create unique modular furniture pieces like conference tables and executive desks.   Last, but certainly not least, the focal point of the whole space, the “core of light” will be made up of reclaimed window panes, some being replaced with new sheets of teal, yellow and mauve glass to create a central glow of warmth and optimism.


Take a look at the core in a cross-section of the building, pretty neat, huh?  The staircase is encased within this core, spiraling upward to the third floor, while the fourth has a glass base so you can see into the shaft below.


Heres an early draft of the 2nd level…

2nd floor

I wanted  a sketchy, hand rendered quality so I dug out my markers and got to work!




Intern Area


Rooftop Garden


Administrative Offices


Private Apartment for visiting speakers or VIP donors


Study Model


Fabrics and Finishes

Here is my 36″x96″ presentation board!


And me with it!


This was a lot of work, but the best part came when one of my peers took a moment at the end of my presentation and said, in front of everyone, that she really admired my work ethic from day one and that she thought my passion inspired the whole class to work harder.  That was a great, unexpected reward.

Until next time!


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