Well, well well…how the heck are ya?!

I have to be honest…the reason I have been so absent is not for the very justifiable reason that I have crazy school work and other commitments, but mostly because… I just didn’t want to…so bad of me, but IT’S TRUE!  I got burnt out on the whole blog thing…it took a lot of convincing for me to do it in the first place and then I went like a freight train for the first year, posting every day most of the time.  I just got run down.  It happens.

So, I have committed to not feeling badly about it, and treating this as more of a journal, something I have always wished I had the inclination to keep but never seemed to muster up much enthusiasm for it.  If someone feels like reading my garbaldy-gook writing, have at it.  If I can share a project or two, even better, but I am not going succumb to the guilt which inevitably comes my way when I take on too much and have to cut the cord.  This is my new-ish year resolution:  Enjoy the journey 🙂

So with that out of the way, let me tell you something…dressing a mannequin is weird.  There, I said it.


This semester I am taking a Large Scale Installation class for retail window design and I am working with mannequins for the first time.  We learned to strike the mannequin, which is to wire and nail them to the floor so they are stable and safe.  My first attempt went perfectly, and my first styling install went even better!

We were given a white box for our installation and a choice of several backdrops…


I chose this Italian street and immediately pictured a young Katherine Hepburn in her classic menswear strutting down the boulevard!


To update her look slightly I went with a modernized version…


They let us loose on their costume closet here at FIT, but wouldn’t you know I had exactly what I wanted in my own closet, including vintage lingerie for a 3-d clothes-line…now to see if it would actually fit a slim, tall mannequin!


Choosing a mannequin is odd, especially when they are sequestered to a creepy backroom that no one would dare enter under cover of darkness alone at night…but there she was!


I laid out my wardrobe at home and schlepped it all the way to school!


Other than the shoes being too tall it all went swimmingly, good thing I brought a back up pair!


My Professor loved the styling, and I loved the opportunity to dress her the way I would dress most days if I had the time 🙂


This was super fun and only a warm up for the main event, our first big project!

Stay tuned for fun things to come!



One thought on “Mann-I-Can!

  1. Blogging can take a lot of work (on top of your actual creative process)…so just follow your heart–you’ll know when it’s worth it.

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