Frame of Mind


Hey friends!  Happy Veteran’s Day!

With the colder weather rapidly approaching I am turning what little time I have for DIY projects indoors, starting with some much needed color on these bare walls!

I for one am not a huge fan of displaying a ton of lovey dovey photos of my husband and I throughout the house, but I do like to personalize things.  To get around the ‘selfie’-ness of home photos I wanted to try an indirect approach.

Remember my post Jazzin’ It Up! from our outing at govenor’s Island this summer?  Well I was able to capture this lovely moment between the hubby and me…


And then I happened upon this frame (One Man’s Trash) and BOOM!  I knew exactly what to put in it!


So, since I had instagrammed my photo, I ended up using the original because the layout worked much better in this oddly dimensioned vintage golden frame.

For $10 I was able to print my image on cardstock paper to my exact dimensions!


Then, taking some foam core I had lying around from a school project, I used my go-to adhesive spray because it’s repositionable!  BRILLIANT!  No ruined photo if you mess up the first time!

Scotch® Spray Mount™ Repositionable Adhesive, 10.2 oz

So, spray your foamcore, lay the image down and then with an exacto knife, trim the edges!  Make sure to double check your dimensions!



Then place inside your frame!


Now, where to put this jem…


Since the Master bedroom needed some sprucing up…

IMG_20130903_215219_644 - Copy

Yay!  Right over the bed!  I wish the frame were a bit wider to be more proportional to the bed, but this whole project cost me 10 bucks, so no complaining!


I have projects piling up, so more to come!

Happy Monday!


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