Make You Go HMmmmm

Hey everyone!   Happy Election day!
I know I have been neglecting my blog but school and work are keeping me extra busy, which I guess means I’m extra focused!  I’m focused…I’m fo…wait, did you guys know H&M has a home decor line now!!!??  End of focus 🙂

I was browsing online for outfit ideas for a charity event I was attending, and since I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast let alone what’s in my closet, I needed some inspiration.  So my go-to retail brand H&M was the ticket!
The EU giant is now fully online accessible, which is great because now you can see their whole line, and low and behold they have an entire collection, several in fact, of home goods at amazing prices!!!


Having just moved into our new home, I am looking to make the most of the holidays by adding some festive season appropriate updates, and now I know just where to look!




Super cheap, guilt free fun ways to update a space for that cozy winter feeing!  I can smell the pine already 🙂


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