Retail Therapy


Well kids, the first project of the school year is under my belt, and it was a doosey!

My fellow 3rd semester Interior Designs students here at FIT in NYC were given the task of designing our first retail store for an imagined but upscale client.


1.  Two previous store locales merging into one

2.  Given: leather goods manufacturer as a case study

3.  Building dimensions and location

4. Go!

I took the liberty in creating an entirely new brand of designer leather goods distibutor

La Société Tannerie

aka The Leather Company, founded in 1889


My design for a would-be logo

I made up a whole back story, I guess it helped that I had some practice playing pretend all day for a living 🙂

Some brand history


Brand – Past


Brand – Present


Mood Images

For the space I was truly inspired by this image of contrasting light and shadow


I built my entire design in Revit, a computer aided design program.  Here is a sample after I added my hand drafting elements


now my presentation boards!








I wanted a dreamy, mysterious quality to envelop the space and I actually had to make some of my most important samples myself, ie the ombre wallcovering and fabric mounted ceiling installation:

IMG_20131010_080454_747 - Copy

I hope you enjoyed my handywork.  I put in an obscene number of hours, and a few sleepless nights, but I got it done!  I really would love to see what a computer rendering could do for the final presentation, but until I become more digitally savvy I will have to rely on my hand-rendered skills alone.


Thanks for stopping by!


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