He Said, She said


Gone are the days of summer, but thankfully I have some reminders, like waiting a few months to post a project that was accomplished while sitting on a lakefront…PAINTING!


That’s right folks, mama had brush in hand, sippin’ some wine and relaxing on the lake.

Oh, how time flies!

Remember my post from last fall about the restaurant bathrooms I was painting: Me, an Artist?

Copy of IMG_20121212_091729_148

Well, I missed these two lovebirds so much I had to have them in my own home!

So, whilst relaxing away, I started bringing them back to life.


With some graphite paper all I had to do was use a copy of my original sketch and trace over each character onto a nice, but small, canvas!


See how faint?  You don’t want to push too hard with your pencil throught the graphite, because you want the paint to do the talking!

With plain black acrylic paint and a tiny paint brush I was able to achieve a sort of sketchy finish!


Oh, but we’re not done…these two need some framing!  A quick run to Michael’s scrapbook section and I found some appropriate pops of color!


Spray mount the back of the paper and place on a cut-to-size section (about 1″ border) of illustration board, wrapping like a present…


then place a hanging element on the back.  I used some twine and hot glue!


There they are!


Yay!  This couple is going to fit perfectly on our new bare walls!

Stay tuned for an updated photo of how the new place is coming along!


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