A new home calls for some new style, or updates at least!  Do you all remember my post on this chalk board, it was one of my first ones, Chalk Talk.

Well, we moved so the blue wall stayed behind and I was left with my cheery yellow frame, for which I found a used backing, once belonging to a large Ikea frame on the side of the road!  Yay!

1. Cut to size

2. Paint with Chalkboard paint!  (I used the Rustoleum spray this time in black)

3. Add art

4. Hang!


I wanted to have a place where we could put up a dinner menu for gatherings or musings from friends who visit, so I measured out the border…


simply used my steps from Tag, You’re It! to stencil on some nice lettering…


and now I have a wonderful ‘new’ chalkboard!


Happy Tuesday everyone!


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