Zzaaaa!…as in Pizza


It’s Friday!!!  Not that that means things are slowing down here at MIY Maven, but none the less it makes me want some good ol’ comfort food.

Bring on the Zzzaaa!!!  (That’s what we call it in my house)

But this is not just any pizza, this is homemade-pick-the-toppings-tons-of-veggies-goodness!  YUM!

The secret ingredient…


Martha White’s crust is the real deal, so much so that when we discovered we couldn’t get in in NY (really, NYC?!) we had to start putting in special delivery orders with my mom who would stock us up and ship it out.  No joke, it’s that good.

So, follow the instructions to mix/rise/bake your yummy dough, and decide whether you wouldn’t like two thin crust pizzas instead of one luscious deep dish!  I personally go for two, because then I know another delicious dinner is waiting for me the next night!


We like to toss in a little rosemary as well when making the dough, it makes the kitchen smell amazing!

Pick your fresh toppings, I load on the veggies!


Stick it in the oven…


And presto!  You have a delicious, healthy dinner that feels like a guilty pleasure!


Enjoy some with the whole family!  No fighting over toppings, you choose your own and it’s magical!

I bet you could even divvy up the dough further for the little ones, so those of you with kids let me know how it goes!


Happy Friday the 13th to you all!


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