Outside the Box


Stop me if I’m the only one with stacks of unsightly old shoeboxes full of remnant fabrics…just me?  Ok, no, that’s ok.  Even if you just want to dress up storage boxes for display this tip will come in handy!


These are my boxes, pretty bad, and the worst part is they have to stay out due to lack of closet space.  Well, I clipped this out of a magazine forever ago, loving the design.


Wait, hold on, am I seeing that right?


$3600.00 for a set of seven! WHAT?!  Granted they are from some fancy gallery (Carwan Gallery), but seriously?!  No bueno.

A quick search on Amazon yielded identical wrapping paper for a mere $12, for 16 ft!  BARGAIN!

So, with that in hand I started with the largest box & lid, working my way down in size.  I also turned the paper each time I worked on a set (box + lid) to add some drama.


I had JUST enough!


Next, the finishing touch of a simple label…



For a FRACTION of the cost I now have a set of storage boxes that I don’t mind showing off!

Do you have any fun ideas for storage?


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