One Man’s Trash


Well, well, well!  How the hell are ya?!

Listen friends, mama needed a break, and the summer was jam packed with finishing up the semester, packing every earthly belonging for the big move, and flying across the country to celebrate my parents’ 40th anniversary, so you will forgive me for my absence, if you please 🙂

I have missed you though!  So, without further ado, lets dive right back in…dumpster diving that is!

You know I love a good find, but nothing, NOTHING beats the thrill of a) getting something for free and b) saving a castoff from the dump!  Now THAT is what I call living green!

Here are a few of the hits (and one very sad miss) of my summer sidewalk treasures!



This beaute was out for the trash when I was leaving my house in a rush, and damn if I didn’t grab and turn right back around.  I don’t care how late you are.  If you see an antique, gilded, heavy-ass wood frame on the curb DON’T LEAVE IT, IT WILL HAUNT YOU.  Seriously, bugga bugga.

My superfind has been waiting for a space in our new digs, so you may be seeing it in a few days.  Hint hint.


Both of these were out for the curb when I was leaving work one afternoon, and in a rare instance I took a cab home to save them.  Both will be showing up in later posts as well!


Next up is this antique Smith-Corona, with (case!) typewriter that someone was giving away on Free Craigslist.  I ran my booty over to the deep south of Brooklyn for this baby.  I have always wanted one, and it was FREE!!!!


People, if you don’t know about Free Craigslist you are missing out on some seriously amazing stuff!  It’s mindboggling the things people throw away…speaking of


You can’t save ’em all.  This one hurt my heart.  LOOK AT THIS WARDROBE!  I mean, come on!  Gorgeous antique, oak carved, cherry finish, with intact mirror and original shelving and hanging rod armoire for the ages!  I paced up and down the sidewalk trying to figure out how I could get it home…but alas, you can’t save em’ all.   *single tear

But, all is not lost!  If you’re really into this garbage picker thing, like me (no shame!), then your habits will soon rub off.

Look what my Hubby snagged from the trash at his work because he knew I would love it, and he rolls his eyes EVERY time I bring something random home…



What a find, huh?!  It’s a vintage Kennedy tool box that the drama department at his high school had been using as a makeup kit for ions, and they were just throwing it out, contents and all!


There are some brands in here I haven’t seen since the late 80s, for real.  I can’t wait to give it a good scrubbing and a new lease on life.

Keep your eyes peeled for future finds of your own!

Has someone’s trash become your treasure?  Tell me all about it!


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