Jazzin’ It Up!


Its here again folks!  This weekend is the annual Jazz Age Lawn Party in NY on Governors Island!  Last year we went, and had a blast.  I even had a gorgeous nearly mint condition vintage dress for the occasion, thanks mom!

This year I wanted to try another look, so when I stumbled across this Ann Taylor dress at Goodwill I saw serious potential.


It was a sample, never worn and I got it for under $10!


So once I had the dress I went looking for a bit of inspiration… and I found it next to my sewing station


My aunt gave me these old magazine prints years ago and I had them framed for my seamstress area.  So, maybe a bit of antique lace could turn this sheath into a 30s stunner!  I just so happen to have some 🙂


After laying out the lace properly, pinning in place, I got to work with delicate stitches so as yo not disturb the lovely satin


Here’s how it turned out!



A little lace goes a long way to making this dress special, and just in time for a Gatsby-like picnic in the park!

Photos of the event to follow!  Have a great weekend!




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