Glass with Class!


Its the time of year for adorning your table with fresh flowers and what better way to display them than a vase of your own creation?

I gathered these old canning jars from my local Goodwill over the course of a few visits.  Any thrift store is bound to be a treasure trove of glass pieces, and for super cheap!  I got 5 or 6 of these big vintage jars for 99¢ each!


Then taking whatever paint I had lying around I got started with my color combos. 
*Note: If you use acrylic craft paint, you won’t be able to put any water in the vase after its painted!
Thankfully I was using Benjamin Moore interiors paint, which takes longer to cure but will hold up to the polyurethane I will add, after its dried for about a week, to create a nice barrier for water, like a hardwood floor!


So, start with any color(s), pour a generous amount inside, swirl around freely by twisting the bottle as you go.  If you desire a mixture of chunky colors then leave gaps so your next color has a chance to adhere to an open area.


Another way of getting a marble effect is the add several colors at once, mixing at the bottom slightly and then swirling at will.


I used the remnants from one bottle for another to save paint!
After you have finished swirling, and the bottle is covered, then turn upside down on some paper towel for gravity to do its work!


Here’s what I got from this technique!








Almost Tiffany Blue


Blue green chunky

I have a few mason jars left and am thinking coral/pink combos and perhaps a play on metallics as well!
My last step is for them yo cure til the weekend and line with polyurethane, so updates to come!


This was so fun and east, try it!  They make great gifts!


One thought on “Glass with Class!

  1. Have you thought of opening a store with all you ideas for decorating with used items? There was a store in Fargo that took older items and sold them but sold them with an eye toward how to decorate with that item.

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