Tip o’ the Day to Ya!

Happy Monday everybody!  I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend, we had beautiful weather here.


Bethesda fountain, Centeal Park

Well, while everyone I know was watching the TONYs last night (congrats to all my friends involved!) I was working on some art of my own.  While I won’t reveal the finished product until tomorrow, I wanted to share a helpful tip I discovered along the way!


Ever been mixing two or more colors of paint, coming up with a gorgeous hue, with no where to keep it once your project is finished?  It would be an awful shame to throw it out. Thankfully I have a solution! 
Old Gerber baby food jars, of which I was given MANY because someone thought I was just the person to make use of them:).


These little guys were the perfect size for salvaging my excellent color, and the mason jar may be a hint at what I’m sharing tomorrow! 
See, if you save it, more will come!


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