Tea Time!


Summertime is upon us and with that comes some ol’ timey favorites, like a juicy hot dog decorated with fixins, a lazy hammock swaying in the breeze and an ice cold glass of lemonade.  But, let’s be honest, no one is making good old fashioned lemonade anymore, and if you use a powder you’re gettin walloped with your daily sugar intake before noon, so I propose an alternative!

Ice, Ice Baby…Tea that is!!!


Until working in a restaurant with outdoor summer seating I had never been forced to make a single glass of iced tea on the spot…but it sure is easy!

1.  Boil some water
2. Select tea (I prefer green tea but with a hunt of another sweeter variety thrown in, like Tazo passion tea)
3. Place tea bag(s) in cup or pitcher and pour hot water in. *I taped mine down to not lose the label!


4.  Let steap for a few minutes
5.  Fill to top with ice


Viola!  A nice homemade pitcher with the iced tea of your own choosing… sans all the sugar/sweeteners of store bought brands!


Enjoy a tall glass for me!!!


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