Waste Not, Want Not – Part 2


Who among us has not dreaded the ill fated day their favorite jeans would reveal a compromising hole in their fabric?

How bout 2 holes?


So sad…stupid chunky thighs…but I wasn’t ready to give up that easy!   Enter come fabulous fabric glue and iron on denim patches!


Aleene’s glue selection is extensive but this version, Fabric Fusion, had everything I wanted.  See what the product description says:

Crafters can trust Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion® to provide a permanent fabric bond for all their craft and sewing projects. It is the only clear, water-based, urethane adhesive that is also nontoxic, machine-washable and dry cleanable. It’s the perfect choice for a wide variety of surfaces and embellishments. Fabric Fusion® does not string while you apply it to fabric.

Now, you may be asking yourself, why use glue if you re using iron on patches, lady?  Here’s the thing…this is BY FAR not the first time this has happened to a pair of my jeans…CHUNKY THIGHS UNITE!…and through the years I have learned that even when you iron like hell, sometimes the seal is difficult to keep, with all the washing and whatnot, so this time I am adding a defense layer of glue to the edges!


I used one piece from my denim patch set, cut it in half, and placed right up to the seam, covering the whole affected area, and then some!


Now THAT is how you take care of business!


Damage Concurred!…it’s the little things 🙂


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