Art for Baby!

Almost a year ago today our friends welcomed their first child, little Addison, and this past weekend we were able to go out to Jersey and help celebrate her first birthday!

addison blanket

I made her that blanket!

Since little Addie is used to getting homemade gifts from her Auntie Andrea, I thought I would follow up with another in the form of baby room décor!  Woodland Creatures!


After I scrounged around my fabric drawer and found some baby girl friendly patterns, I picked up three $1 wood frames from Michael’s, used my favorite Wedgewood paint, found some cute little animal figures and got to work!




Holding the fabric taught on each frame I stapled down the sides like you would any upholstery or canvas.


Once the frames were dressed I got down to placing my animal images in pencil so I could then paint over them.  I tried a few techniques, tracing the image onto trace paper then using a mechanical pencil I dotted the edges thru to the fabric, creating guide.


But I found that gluing the image to a cardstock or Bristol and tracing that way was easiest, and quick!


Either way I got them all painted on!


After all three were finished drying, I used a darker blue paint I had lying around and added some details!


Viola!  Super cute fun additions to any baby room!  I have a set I am making for a little baby boy, I’m thinking a nautical theme!

We left before the gifts were opened, but Mommy sent me a text saying everyone was Ooohing and Aaahhing and passing them around.  Yay for cool homemade baby gifts!


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