New York in Motion


Ok, here it is, my final project from school for the semester!  This was a group project (Thanks Alina, Asia and Tova!) where we were set the task of conceptualizing a table arrangement in a fictional show house that used only reused, recycled or upcycled materials.  I have to say I was very please with our group (ANCB Designs, based on each of our last names) and how we worked together to create a space motivated by the NY transit system as the major artery of the city.


Our Concept:

Like any living organism the source of its power throbs within every vein, pumping the essentials throughout the body.  New York city is often regarded as a living, breathing entity and its groundbreaking transit system as its very own lifeblood. The daily ebb and flow of mass transit is a Petri dish of cultures, creeds, and lifestyles that present the “melting pot” community that has made NY famous for generations.

          The elements that are used in this space are line, shape, form and color; the main wall feature is an art installation that is meant to represent the subway map. In addition, the existing space contains crown molding that happens to be a feature that many subway stations had and still have to this very day. In retaining the crown molding the waste created is minimal.  

             All materials used for this design are sustainable and are either re-used, re-cycled or up cycled. By using the design principle of rhythm and repetition, the customize table is composed of three red structural beams found in many subway stations. These beams are reclaimed by a subway under construction.  Using asymmetrical balance, the accessories found on the table are objects that are seen all over when riding the subway (i.e. camera, books, etc).  The space is composed mainly of items found on the subway that are both past and present. Proving once again, NY is always in motion.


Our Floor Plan (I drafted and rendered the table, accessories and chair, while Asia tackled the flooring)


Our Elevation (Tova Drafted, and I rendered the same elements as before, while Alina worked on the back wall)


A closer look…



Check out our furniture board, everything recycled!  The clock is made of newspaper, the chair old subway metal siding, a pop can picture frame, etc)


Our Perspective (Alina Drafted, and we all rendered the same materials as before for consistency)


Our class was the only Studio set with also adding a perspective view, but I think it really gave us the opportunity to showcase our concept throughout the space!

Here are some materials we brought to pass around…I may have embroidered that sample for this very occasion 🙂


Well, I hope you liked it, and a big shout out to my amazing group, you’re all amazing ladies!

See you in the Fall!


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