Shaken, Not Stirred


Hey everybody, Happy Monday!

Among other things, I have been toying with 3-D design and trying my hand at sculpting out of paper, which has spawned a few ideas I am looking forward to sharing with you, not least of which is my latest creation I lovingly call ‘Shaken, Not Stirred”.

This was my final for my model making class where we were told to come up with a ‘Wall’, 16 pieces, 4×4 high.  The emphasis was on making it more like a toy than anything, as if a child could play with it for hours, creating different ways to build the wall.  Most people attempted to complete this assignment using one shape and repeating said shape 16 times.  Not one to go smoothly with convention, I went the opposite direction and made no two shapes alike, but each unit is made up or 5 completely identical shapes.  Genius?  Maybe 🙂


Starting with a cube box template I cute 80+ pieces out of Bristol paper…


…then scored the edges for clean folds…


…and hot glued the cubes together!



Next I randomly glued the cubes to each other, 5 pieces in each, never repeating a specific layout.  My intention was that each piece would have edges and pockets that would rest on and within other pieces to create the wall effect.

IMG_20130512_20580516 pieces, 4×4…what do ya think???!  The kicker of the assignment was that another student had to put your wall together, to make sure it would work with anyone forming it.   I am proud to say that the with her first attempt my classmate was able to build a wall which was so sturdy we were even able to rotate it 360 degrees to show the class!  Wahoo!

Here is another students work, my friend Thomas, who does some pretty neat things which I am happy to say I will be sharing very soon exclusively on MIY Maven!


I hope to share ‘Shaken, Not Stirred’ as a more permanent, cool center piece sculpture, so keep on the look out for that!


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