The Cure-All: Part 2

Its Friday and a GORGEOUS one at that! Hello beautiful weather! To celebrate, hows about continuing our journey thru the magical world of paint?!
When we started, my sister’s new kitchen was blah, and I know people might paint a rental but not necessarily the kitchen. I want to challenge you to make every room unique, especially the kitchen, because we do spend a lot of time there and its often adjacent to a public space which will be viewed more often than not.

In the main living space we went with a cool lite lilac on the walls accented with a deep violet grey in what is quickly becoming my staple, a 1″ trim around the top perimeter, wrapping the room rooms together like a present!
To keep the colors complimentary in the kitchen, which is adjacent and open, we went with a two shades lighter than the trim hue.

Wait for it…the mastermind has a plan.

In real life we would all love to put in a proper back splash, but its a rental so, say it with me people, PAINT IS YOUR FRIEND!
Chevrons! Yep, yep, layout looks familiar, right? But they’re so fun I just couldn’t resist and my sis and her beau loved the idea!
So, using the same shade as the trim in the living space we created a custom stencil backsplash for these two lovebirds!
Amazing, right! I couldn’t finish it before catching my Megabus back to the Big Apple but they got it done by time I was home!
Perfect! So fun, and so energizing! With a few basic measurements and keeping the tape at 90 degree angles we were able to create a beautiful rental of a kitchen!

I hope you try something fun with paint! Tell me all about it!


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