A Little Pick-Me-Up


For awhile now I have been toying with the idea of changing up my hair…cut…color…both?  The possibilities are endless, but funds are not.  I’d say $20 would do the trick?  And I’d be right!

Enter Loreal’s Wild Ombre’


I haven’t dyed my hair in over 8 years, so I was a little rusty, but my hair was in great shape 🙂  So, what the hell, it will grow back, right?  But…just in case, let’s get a back up plan 🙂


Here we go!


Starting shade

Follow the directions in the box, easy and simple.  Start with hair half up, working from the bottom to the top with the handy dandy little brush provided.  Choose a lot or a little!  This took me back to the highlighter cap days of the late 90s/early 2000s…yep, those were the days.


Cover both sides and wrap with foil, leaving on for 25-40 minutes.  Check it if you’re curious for color testing!


I was a little surprised at the all the color taken, but it was cool, I had a game plan…


Wash out thoroughly, conditioning with tube provided.

Then blowdry for next color treatment!


SUPER BRASSY!  But, again, confidence is key…I wasn’t worried 🙂

I next applied my Nice n’ Easy color, a caramel brown, only to the lightened strands (This color would be no match for my dark brown shade anyway)

A snip snip here, a snip snip there, and a light touch with my new curling iron (Thanks Mom!) and viola!  A new me ready for Spring!


I walked to class with a confidence and spring in my step that always comes with taking a little me time, and people loved it!


What have you done for yourself lately?!


3 thoughts on “A Little Pick-Me-Up

  1. also, is there a way to make your ‘reply’ feature auto-select people to be notified of new comments? I always forget to check that box, so i never know when or if you reply to things.

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