School Days – Part…losing count!

Well, Hello there!  Long time no see, I know, but with my second big project for school finished and presented I hope to change that and get back to being a creation machine!

This big project dealt with my first commercial space, which in turn meant dealing with only contract grade fabrics and materials, which was fun because it took me all over the city to major manufacturers showrooms like Haworth, Herman Miller, Steelcase, Knoll and, well you get the idea.  I also learned that my home state of Michigan is the headquarters for almost every major contract furniture retailer, neat huh?  The more you know…

Anywho, so this project was a biggy in terms of learning about the demands of a commercial space as opposed to a residential one.  We were given a retailer for which we were to design a franchise office, a place where someone could come and learn about the retailer and perhaps purchase said franchise.  I was given Bang & Olufsen, an upscale manufacturer of home and automobile entertainment equipment, ie speakers, tvs and the like.

We were each given a space of about 1400 sq. ft., with varying sun exposure and window availability.  If you’ll recall I made a 3-D odel of my space to better visualize my floor plan

Model Behavior

So, our presentation was Monday, and of course I pulled #1 out of the hat last class so I was doomed to go first, but after pulling an all nighter I would much rather have gone first than last given the choice.  So here is what I presented!


Franchise Info


Design Development


Floor plan


Lighting Plot


Furniture and Sketches



Elevation, done in AutoCAD, rendered in marker


Elevation Materials


One Pt Perspective of Executive office


One Pt Colored rendered in Marker


One Pt Materials



Two Pt Drawing


Two Pt Color rendered in marker


Two Pt Materials


Undulating ceiling sample, I design and made it!


Cut with circular saw, and stained an honey walnut

As you can see this project took a lot of time and effort, but it all paid off when my instructor asked to keep my project for awhile as an example!  That was the icing on the cake!

I swear I have some great projects coming so stick around!


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