Say Cheese!


So, have I mention what a lucky lady I am?  I turned 31 on Saturday and we held a party at home with some friends to celebrate.  It was spectacular!

Given that I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted, you might think I went outside and enjoyed some fresh air, read a book, or took some me time, but in truth all I really wanted to do was clean my apartment from top to bottom and cook…all day.

Wish granted!

So, I am sharing the menu with you all!

Item of the day: Mini Baked Brie! (in the middle there :))


What You’ll Need:

Pre-prepped Pie Crust (making my own is a bit more time consuming, so I used store bought)

Brie wedge

Sugar free Raspberry jam

Sliced Almonds

1 Egg, beaten

Preheat oven to 350°

So, I rolled out my crust, used my handy biscuit cutter, and slice out some little circles for each mini brie!


Next, cut your brie into little pieces, scoop a small amount of jam on, and top with almonds…


Then gather the dough into a dumpling, making a cute little nugget of yummy goodness.  Baste each one with a bit of the egg wash, and bake!


Super easy, and super yummy!  I love baking a whole wheel but often times it’s too hard to eat at a party, and it’s A LOT of cheese, so this is a better version for small gatherings!


I have some of my other recipes from the party to share, so stay tuned!


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