Model Behavior


What’s that you say? Is that a fancy photo of a building she’s sharing with us? Well, sort of! Its my first ever model of a space I designed!


Its very crude, I’ll admit, but it does the job! Plus I did this from scratch in just under two hours, so not bad! Here’s the floor plan for the space, my first commercial office interior project for school!


This is for a franchise office for Bang & Olufsen, the high end supplier of all things entertainment equipment. I wanted the space to feel very open, and was lucky to have a lease property that had 3 sides of windows, which help tremendously!


I glued down my floorplan and scaled the walls up at 1/4″ a foot, making a mini version!



Here’s a peek inside!



This was a lot of fun, and a bit more enjoyable than building in a computer, which has its benefits.  But nothing beats working with your hands to create something from scratch!


Thanks for stopping by and have a GREAT weekend!


2 thoughts on “Model Behavior

  1. Andrea,
    DO NOT EVER DESTROY IT! I have Alyssa’s old stagecraft set with Homer peeking through the window at me every time I walk into the study. Tis is a beautiful accomplishment! If I hadn’t become an engineer, I would have been an architect! I am so glad you are getting a chance to explore this part of design. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Dad

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