Coffee Cache


Well, I don’t know about the rest of the world, but NYC can stay like this forever as far as I’m concerned…it’s GORGEOUS outside!  I just hope this spring weather sticks around.  While we wait to find out, let’s discuss: who here has found themselves with a half a pot of old coffee on their hands?  Do you hate pouring it out as much as I do?  It feels so wasteful!  So, I have come up with a solution, and it’s a perfect treat for these nice warm days!

Banana Latte smoothies!


Ok, so instead of pouring money down the drain, pour the remains of your morning pot of coffee into a container, be it a glass jar or Tupperware, and place it in the fridge until you’re ready to use it.  This will chill the contents, and keep it fresher longer.

Here’s my simple, no fuss recipe!

What You’ll Need:

Chilled Coffee

1 Banana

1 tbsp. Peanut Butter

1 tbsp. Non-fat Greek yogurt



This combination of yummy, healthy goodies mixed with your chilled coffee is so smooth and creamy, it’s always gone before I know it!  Even my husband loves this drink!


The peanut butter and yogurt are a great source of protein, so sometimes I will even throw in bit of protein powder to add more strength after a workout!

This is a win-win folks.  Not only do you get to salvage that half pot of old coffee, but it doubles as a healthy snack!



So go enjoy this beautiful day with some pep in your step thanks to this wholesome smoothie!


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