Sketching from Scratch


I wanted to share with you all the process of sketching a room to scale in a perspective…which I know sounds super fun 🙂  But believe me, it’s pretty interesting when you see the mechanics of it drawn out.

We start with our floor plan, seeing where all the furniture is placed and choosing a viewpoint for the sketch, which here is represented by an arrow.


Next well plot out a grid ( I prefer projection method, which is more accurate, but my professor wanted us to use the grid for this project) and build an interior space in which to put your furniture.


Once you have done that you can block in your furniture and build them up to their defined measurements


Next you ‘massage’ the pieces in order to give each sofa or chair the look of the actual product you have chosen


For the last step, I add some cool grey shading to give the sketch some life!


This process of perspective is a bit looser than an actual drafting and can be very fun to do quickly, as apposed to painstakingly accurate drawings.

I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit more of what I am working on from the day to day.

Have a good day!


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