Have you met the Met?

Last week was spring break and for once my husband and I were off at the same time!  Since we live in this wonderful city but don’t get out to see it much we took the opportunity to do some site seeing!

I give you the Met!


This is a must see, world class museum in the heart of the city.  If you haven’t been, make the time, its so worth it!  We haven’t been in 6 years, and we were due!
Here are some highlights!



Who wouldn’t love a glass orb reindeer?!


Up close and personal




An actual workbench from the Tiffany lighting factory!


They cut the glass and copper with special tools, then lay it out and weld it while it’s shaped on a wooden base!  Brilliant!


Here are some amazing examples of Tiffany’s stained glass murals

Unbelievable, right?!

And let’s not forget the paintings!  I saw this one and fell in love, there’s something about her…but I didn’t take down the info, no artist or title!  If anyone can tell me anything about this painting I will give you a prize, I swear!


There’s so much more to see, so get down here and check it out for yourself!

Have a great day!


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