Rendered Speechless part 2

Welcome back everyone!!!

I’m so sorry there haven’t been any post recently but mama needed a vacation!  To bring you back up to speed here is something I’ve been working on for school!


We are starting our contract design projects and that means working on office spaces with only contract materials.  This is my first attempt at rendering such a space.  Lots of glass, brick and metal I attempted to represent here.


This is my color scheme inspired by Carolina Herrera’s ad in a magazine.  Gorgeous, right!?
Based on that I chose the materials from things I had lying around. It pays to be a hoarder!


Here’s a close up of some of the textures I tried to represent.


It’s always a work in progress and I’m happy to keep exploring the possibilities!

Thanks for stopping by!  Hopefully I’ll bring you some more fun things soon!


4 thoughts on “Rendered Speechless part 2

  1. P.S. – been meaning to mention this–you’re ‘like’ option uses gravatar…but your comments don’t access that option…meaning having to ‘log’ in twice, under different accounts. Wondering if this can be more seamless…?

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