Artfully Distressed


Hey Everyone!

Today I would like to share a recent discovery with you.  If you’re as keen on the distressed patina of furnishings and fabrics as I am then you might be super excited because I stumbled upon a super easy and CHEAP way to distress paint on smaller projects!


E1322Seriously, you say?  That tacky old school staple of our youth?  The very same.  I was a hard sell too when my instructors told me it’s the only glue they use for model building, but when used sparingly and with a small cheap paint brush it does wonders.  I know!  I was shocked too.  After I accepted this defeat, I then realized there was another use for the all-purpose glue:


There are so many options for creating a crackle paint, but they ALL are more expensive and time consuming than the route I took, which I discovered on a fellow bloggers page:

Here this lovely lady works with several surfaces to achieve a crackle finish.  I had the wood in mind that I wanted to use, and it was already a brown tone, so I skipped right to the glue step, which is layering on in a back and forth motion TONS of glue!  My strong husband had to help me…that bottle is tough!



After layering the glue as shown (courtesy of Make the Best of Things blog),  let it sit for about 3 minutes until pretty tacky.  Don’t let it dry all the way before adding paint!

Now, use a cheap sponge brush because this is a one time use type of deal, the brush will not be easy to clean as it will be covered in glue.  For my paint I used whatever white I had lying around, and that was a Zinser Primer, but you can use anything!

I let that sit for a good 30 minutes, checking on it periodically, because most of the time you would just let it dry completely and that’s when the crackle comes in; once it dries the paint contracts and the glue breaks up the paint layer, creating a crackle effect.  But, I was worried that it wasn’t cracking enough, so I took a paper towel and scraped some off in sections to help it along.  Then I let it dry completely.

It turned out great!

IMG_20130311_102642_689 - Copy

It was the perfect antiqued patina that I wanted for my mantel in my project.  I would love to use this on a larger scale project to play with the outcome.  The remaining glue completely dried and there was no tacky residue!

Try this project out, it’s super fun and takes you back to your youth!


Thanks for stopping!


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