Ripe for the Picking!


Happy Monday everyone!

On Friday I took a little fieldtrip with my class to a contract furniture showroom for our upcoming project.  Haworth furniture is located in this majestic old building directly across the street from Grand Central Station, and has these amazing views!  Can you imagine working here everyday?!  So much amazing history and architecture!


Next up I was walking home and feeling inspired after learning about all kinds of office furniture…I know that sounds bizarre, but it’s true!  Anyway, I stumbled across this amazing mosaic store, Mosaic House, and fell in love there too!


Once I was finished perusing I sent a tweet about being inspired…not two seconds later I stumbled upon this great pile of junk!



A huge desk with the legs removed and lying next to it, a wine crate and a wonderful old area rug, ripe for the picking!  Only…I was more than 100 blocks from home and I only had a small bag to carry anything extra.  Decisions, decisions.

So I grabbed the best two desk legs, with no gum and the metal footer, and the wine crate.  sadly I had no way of taking the rug home, it was simply too big.  Super bummed.  C’est la vie.



Someone walked by and chatted me up about what I would do with only two desk legs and I said “I don’t know!  But that’s the best part!”  It occurred to me that perhaps I could secure them to a floating shelf on a wall in an entryway and make a console table?  We’ll see!

Are you a sidewalk treasure seeker too?!


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