Waste Not, Want Not


It’s been one of those weekends…work, homework, work, homework…leave you keys, lose your keys (yes, both…) get on the wrong train…wait forever for the right train, MTA hikes price, again…oh yeah, and add huge ripped toe seam on my favorite boots to the list.  It was delightful.


But, I am not one to go down without a fight, and even though this is the second time I am fixing this seam on my Steve Maddens I refuse to give them up.  They are my saving grace now that I am carrying all this extra drafting stuff everywhere.  So, what is a girl to do?

needle – meets – thimble – meets thread


Last time, I didn’t gather enough of the leather with each stitch, making the seam too shallow, this time all bets are off and I am no longer worried about the cosmetic appearance, I just want them t be fixed without spending an arm and a leg.  Plus, they’re black, so it’s really not that bad.  This little thimble is a LIFESAVER for jobs like this that deal with tough materials in awkward items.  I got it at Michaels for about $5.  Do yourself a favor and invest in one now!


See!  All stitched up!


These boots were made for walking 🙂

Have a good Monday!


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