This Antique House


Starting in the kitchen, check out all their amazing original retro appliances from the 50s!  I live that they haven’t updated the kitchen, it’s from the right era where it’s always classic and in style!  This Westinghouse oven is amazing, I made scones in it and it works like new!


There are two of these milk glass lighting fixtures in the space, one in the center of the room and another above the sink, so classy!


This original ventilation fan is still in tact and working hard, while there is a vintage clock keeping all your cooking on time!



As for the rest of the house, it’s littered with amazing antiques, not least of which two different stuffed chairs caught my eye…it’s the designer coming out.  They struck me because as I sat in one facing the other I realized they were of a set because the wooden arms were the same carving!


When asked about this peculiar similarity, I was informed that they were purchased at the same time and had never been sat in!  They were still in the original plastic rap, and were scored for $100 ea!  Jealous!



You can see why now you wouldn’t necessarily think they were from a set, totally different craftsmanship!  But gorgeous all the same!

Well that’s just a peak inside an older home.  I can’t wait until I can scour flea markets for real keepsake pieces like these!

Happy Hunting!


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