Sooo My Type!

Happy Thursday Everyone!!!

I recently had an idea for some unique homemade art for those techno savvy people in your life, and I thought I would share it with you!

I am talking about typo-graphy!  The art of making pictures out of text symbols, sort of like emoticons, you know:

:* -kissy face

B-) – wearing sunglasses

:*P – sticking out your tongue

and so on…

but with a twist!


Look at that cute bunny!  Wouldn’t that be adorable in a new nursery for the friends who are gizmo geeks!  Or this little fella…What a hoot!  Get it…I think he would be adorable as a part of any décor!


Or to label the ‘in case of emergency’ stash of band-aids!

photo_frame_128You could congratulate the techno master in your life!


Or my personal favorite, for that special Trekkie we all know and love (I’m talkin’ to you Dad!)


When I do get around to making these little gems I am gonna have to hold onto one for myself!  I am super proud of this idea!

Feeling inspired yet!?


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