Stu-stu-STUDIO! (Part 3)

Location, location, location!  As with Real Estate, the same holds true for interiors, the right floor plan can make or break a space.  Here’s an example of what you can achieve simply rearranging the furniture pieces you already have.




We used the 2 massive bookshelves in the center of the space, also adding the thinner one haphazardly left on it’s side, and creating a wall partition for which to hide the bed, essentially creating a bedroom and a separate sitting area in this studio apartment!


Next we needed some paint to spruce the place up a bit!  Kristin had these great napkins so we used that as our palette.


We went with Benjamin Moore paints, # 718 for the main wall, #286 as an accent tone, and two shades of green for the bedroom wall in #545 & #543.


It’s amazing what a little paint can do!  It turned out so great, and it felt wonderful to get rid of that rebellious teal…sorry Kristen!


And that little gold accent wrapped up the room like a present!  I love it!


We liked it so much we framed the kitchen window with it too!


Now for the accent wall!  K&K have gotten so many compliments on their wallpaper job, only it’s not wallpaper, it’s  stencil!


We painted the whole wall the light green first, then used this amazing graphic stencil ( to work in the darker shade!  Here’s Kristin hard at work!



It looks amazing!  Follow the tips here for a fool proof application

We also added more shelving to give things a proper place!



See how the HVAC unit disappears into the wall!  Pretty sweet, huh?

I great final touch came with the suggestion of a photographic headboard, which Kyle gave to Kristen for their anniversary.  The image holds sentimental significance for them both…and Romeo likes it too 🙂


Well that’s our makeover!  A BIG thank you to K&K for trusting me with their space!


I hope you enjoyed it, and let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “Stu-stu-STUDIO! (Part 3)

  1. that turned out really well; your blocking did a nice job of creating that private space you noted was absent, but what really gets me is the stenciling; never seen that before–very cool!

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