Stu-stu-STUDIO! (Part 2)

The kitchen is the heart of every home, whether you live in a sprawling mansion or a studio apartment, and this project was no exception!


There was A LOT going on in this tiny little space, so we needed to get things sorted, up off the counter and onto additional shelving pronto!

We took advantage of the annual shelving sale at the Container Store and bought several 8″ deep units to take care of all the cook books and decorative pottery.  But we didn’t stop there.  We also maximized the space and used the underside for hanging K&K’s neat collection of coffee mugs!  We just bought several packets of screw hooks and lines them up, working inside out, to ensure a good overall spread.


Well, that helped!  Now, to give this kitchen a wink and a smile 🙂

We initially went with the idea of a backsplash and I got some samples in to show K&K, but then we found a really neat simple decal by Anne Cahsens that is self adhesive and really cute!


So I dropped by one night and installed it, lickiddy split!  Having measured as close as possible before ordering, I knew we would have to cut the decal in half in order to work length-wise, but it was a tad short, so I improvised as usual…


The next time I dropped by I had in hand some black high gloss paint and painters tape to fix the areas that needed ‘wires’, which included far left, far right and dead center.


Check it out!


 Right as rain!  It was TOUGH getting back there, let me tell you.  It was not a pretty sight to see me hundled like Quasimodo into the corner over their sink…but it was funny 🙂

While I was working on my project I kept Kristin busy painting the little spice jars I had them get to make their collection cohesive!


I stenciled out some circle templates, used Benjamin Moore Lady Bug Red, mixed in a little sanded tile grout (just like Chalk Talk) and just like that we had fancy shmancy little spice jars that you can write on in chalk pencil!


How’s it look, folks!?


Much better!  Now, once again…




K&K love their new kitchen!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the rest of the reveal!


3 thoughts on “Stu-stu-STUDIO! (Part 2)

  1. could there be a market for redoing small apartments for a fee !

    Love the birds, but it reminds me of the movie which scared the living daylights out of me………..definitely a must of Hitchcock’s films………..though it does haunt.

    You are massively creative!!!

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