Stu-stu-STUDIO! (Part 1)


Ok folks, this is a 3-part-er!  I am thrilled to share something I have been working on for quite awhile now, so let’s get started.

I have had the great pleasure to help a young couple, who recently moved in together, turn their now shared space into a home!  Super fun!

It all began last summer when my previous client, Phil (Dingy to Dang!) mentioned my name to his roommate Kyle who was moving in with his girlfriend, Kristin, on the Upper West Side.   For short I’ll call them K&K 🙂  The lovely couple would soon be sharing Kristin’s studio space and needed some help turning her bachelorette pad into a home for them both.  I was only too happy to help.  No brainer!

So here’s what we were dealing with…






…stuff, stuff, and oh yeah add another human being and all their stuff and you get…more stuff.  So, the first thing we needed to do was mess with the floor plan to create a cohesive yet comfortable space for K&K.

With an amazing design program called Revit I was able to quickly map out the apartment and switch up the floor plan using the furniture they already had to it’s best advantage.




side view

As you can see, there was a much better way to use the space while creating the illusion of a separate bedroom in this studio apartment, not least of which was getting them a much needed wall mounted bike rack, like this one I found from


It fit perfectly 🙂


Coming up in my next few posts watch the magic unfold as you see how I completely changed their space.

Stay tuned!!!


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