By the Sea


I pride myself on the fact that most of my favorite pieces of jewelry are of my own creation, but sometimes I’m a copy-cat…so shoot me.

I saw this necklace on a lovely woman in a magazine and I knew I had to have it.  It was very breezy, yet elegant, like the sea 🙂


This was well over a year ago, but I kept the photo until such a time came that I had accumulated what I thought would be pieces I could use in such a situation as this.  Not a dime was spent in the making of this necklace, not for this specific purpose anyway.  I had all the materials on hand!


I simply used a very long piece of .30 mm jewelry wire, strung the beads in no particular order, only mimicking the photo, and then sealed it off with a crimp bead.


Viola!  Brand new favorite necklace by yours truly, even if I did steal the design :O

101_1623 (2)

How does it look?!


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