Bein’ a Bee!


One word, but it’s a fun one: HEXIPUFFS…get on it!

Ok, I started this undertaking over a year ago, and although I may not be as far along as I would have hoped, I am still very proud of each and ever yone on my little guys…hexipuffs that is 🙂

It all started this this image


I was like…what???  AMAZING!  I found this brilliant, vibrant lady behind Tiny Owl Knits ( and all of her INCREDIBLE creations, and immediately fell in love.  Duh, it’s a no brainer.

So I wanted to share this project starting now, and hopefully be held accountable for it’s progress a bit more than I have been.

I give you The Bee Keeper’s Quilt!  Hers…not mine 🙂


It’s made up of all these tiny little hexipuffs.  They are so fun to make and take very little time.  I feel a small sense of accomplishment every time I finish one!  Tiny owl Knits sells the pattern here:

Do yourself a favor and get it!  I can’t wait to have a enough to make a little blanket all my own!

Plus you can even embellish them!  Look at these little guys, courtesy of



Join the fun everyone!


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