School Days

 School days, school days!  Good old fashioned rule days!

My mom used to wake us up every morning singing that song before getting us ready for school, and now that I am back hittin’ the books I figure most of my posts will be homework related.  So, here is something I am working on for my 3-D model making class.  The assignment is to create a piece of wearable art using only Bristol paper, and techniques you know.   Here is my progress so far…


I drew this as a she, but it’s morphing into a he, looking a bit like a garden gnome…I then added some more elements…


This is my miniature version, along with what I think the true goggle size may be.  I will keep you updated!

Also, I got 3 separate people stopping me in the halls today asking where I got my portfolio! (I’ll Have Another!)  It feels good when people notice your work!

Stay Tuned!


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