My Pin-terests


So this week was my first time being back in school in the daytime since aught-4…that’s 2004 for you youngins out there 🙂  I’ve already had some homework and I’m excited to dive right in, but among lots of information, one thing that my new instructor mentioned in a lecture struck me especially so.  The business of Pinterest.

She and I are of the exact same mindset, so much so that I wanted to jump up and wave my hands in the air and declare, “That’s me!  That’s me!  I do that!!”

Do what you ask?  Not use Pinterest.  I prefer to keep something tactile instead!

Ever since Pinterest came out is has given me anxiety.  I mean really?  I have to keep track of ANOTHER social media network?  Come on, I sacrificed my crochety old lady-isms and joined Twitter…what more do you want?!

I put my foot down.  I know this sounds odd coming from a budding designer, spouting ‘Inspiration is here!  It’s everywhere!’, but I have my reasons, not least of which is that I already have a ‘Pinterest’…my pin-terests 🙂


My bother, many moons ago, gave me this amazing, hardbound book because it has a Celtic symbol on it that I used to draw on everything.  For a few years it sat, keeping nice and neat, and one day I saw something that struck my fancy.  Something in a magazine that I wanted to make in the future.  Where to put it?  What to do to remind myself of this jolt of inspiration?  Well, tear it out and glue it down, sister, that’s what you do.  Now, anytime I come across a nifty room, amazing to-do, new fashions, it all goes right in the book.  I love flipping through it and dreaming of the day when I get to use some of the ideas on my very own home!

Nearly 8 years later the binding is coming loose, and the pages are bowing because there is so much information jammed inside, but I would save this thing for a burning building.  It is my pride and joy.

And that, my friends is my version of Pinterest!


4 thoughts on “My Pin-terests

  1. Soon as I saw the cover of the book, I though, “That looks familiar…”
    So glad it’s wound up being something that you’ve turned into a personal treasure!

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