I’ll Have Another!


I know, I know…another portfolio???  I didn’t plan on it, I swear.

 This will teach me to never underestimate my abilities because when I started I wasn’t sure it would be a worthy post, due to limited materials and zero forethought on my end.  You see, I had this hard plastic portfolio envelope that I wasn’t sure whether I was gonna use or not, so I started messing with it…mind you, I began by not taking a before shot of said envelope.  I just dove right in.

full_0348_Clear_Frost_TuckWell this is sorta what it looked like before, just a plain frosted plastic case, about 11×14.  I had no real vision, I just wanted to make it a bit more, well me 🙂  So I dug around in my fabric bin and found this lite checked linen, which I thought would work well because I figured the thinner the fabric the better, since I had to origami it all back together.


Like a crazy crafting lady, I just started stapling, not even sure if they would go thru…they worked like a charm.  I centered the fabric, and it fit perfectly, didn’t have to cut a thing.  The trims were an afterthought (sort of like my documentation, hence the blue vintage trim in the picture) because once the fabric was on, there were all these staples…no bueno.


So, I had this great vintage green trim my sister gave me at some point, and after I assessed that if I was careful I should have just enough, I got movin.


Making sure to glue the edges to prevent fraying, and using a taupe satin ribbon in the secondary areas…


I DID  have juuuuuust enough!


Then I added the belt, giving a Little House on the Prairie vibe!


I am actually pretty psyched about this little re-do because it was completely outa nowhere!  Fun fun fun 🙂

Has inspiration struck you today!?


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