Mad Eye for Mood Board


I did it, I finally did it…I made my very own fun-ass mood board!  And, once again, the MIY Maven brings it to you fo FREE!


Back in November 2011, I found this little lady sitting on the side of the road on 57th street, a mere 2 blocks away from my office, which is a staggering 120 blocks away from my apartment.  What does a sidewalk treasure seeker do…abandon such a find because she will have to drag it thru 7 more avenues, a subway ride, and 5 more blocks to home?  Now, come on, you know the answer 🙂

Oh yes I did!  She was my first great sidewalk fins in the city, and I have been just waiting for the chance to give her new life!  And by her, I mean the frame, creepy lady had to go!


My wonderful hubby nabbed an old corkboard that was out for trash at his school, and brought it home for me to repurpose, which I was thrilled to do!  Just had to cut it to size, or so I hoped…

Turns out it was doable height wise, but width wise we were a bit short…not to worry!


I AM the crazy lady who keeps all her corks for just such an occasion!


A bit of hot glue later and the gap has been closed, but I wanted full coverage so I added a layer on the front side as well!


Next I embellished the top to match!


Now for some mood images…


I am so thrilled with this board and that I finally found a great purpose for this amazing frame!  Plus, I can change it anytime I want!


Do you have mood boards?  They’re so much fun!


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