Happy Monday to you all!  I was a wee bit busy this weekend trying to get a head start on this new adventure called fulltime education, but I am proud to say I was productive, and one of my projects was this cart re-do!  Check it out!


I found this sucker on the side of the road outside the subway stop, looked it over and decided it had potential, so I wheeled it all the way home.  I am so nonplussed when I get ‘crazy lady’ stares now, that it only makes me want to do it all the more!

There were a few dings and scrapes in the plywood shelving, so I glued up holes and set some primer on all the spots.


I wanted to challenge myself to spend zero dollars on this makeover, so I scavenged my paint stash and decided to use Behr Snow Drop, a lite frosty blue, the same color we used in our bedroom 5 years ago.  Took two coats.


Next, I thought it looked a bit too clean, so I distressed the edges with two types of sand paper, coarse and fine.  I started with the coarse, in order to take of the layers quickly, and then fine to sand down the remaining flakes.




This next step was my favorite because it’s the vision I had as I was walking home…chevrons!  I used 2″ painters tape and with some lite measuring I was able to eyeball a pretty consistent design.


Just before paint…


Again, I didn’t want to spend any money, so I used up the last of the Rustoleum silver spray paint I had from Green Thumb and went to town!


It looks like tinfoil at first glance but then you get to pull off the tape, my favorite part!


For the last step, I caved and bought a can of Liquitex gloss varnish to give my cart a nice sheen.


What do ya think?!


I LOVE  the way this turned out, and for the grand total of around $8!  You just can’t beat that, and I have just the spot for it…stay tuned!


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