Smitten Mitten


Today I wanted to share something I recieved for Christmas: a pair of homemade mittens from my Momma! 

She is so crafty!  She made a pair for each of her girls and my Grandma out of old sweaters which she felted and cut up creating these on of a kind, super warm, fleece lined mittens!  And in the recent NYC weather, which is BITTER, I can tell you I have never had a pair of gloves block out the cold like these little lifesavers!


Here’s where my mom found the how-to’s for making these amazing mittens from Make & Do Girl blog!


As you can see, love and care went into every stitch, making this gift super special.  In fact, my Grandma Helen says they are too pretty to wear and she is set on using them as Christmas decoration in the future!

Way to go Mom!


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